FUSION Modulair®System


FUSION MODULAIR® solutions – the perfect solution for large volume spaces, such as factories, warehouses, retail centers and supermarkets. With capacities from 20 kW to 200 kW and no high level duct runs, modulating airflow enhances energy efficiency.

Motorised diffusers adjust airflow direction and throw to suit changing space loads. Options include sophisticated controls with automated fault detection and diagnostics to further fine-tune operation and reduce maintenance costs.


FUSION MODULAIR® solutions fuse the following:

  • Modular manufacture, using standard components factory assembled, producing a premium product.
  • Modular on-site assembly – fitting together like Lego – for quick system installation, typically in one day.
  • Modular air diffusion employing advanced motorised swirl diffusers that eliminate spaghetti runs of ducting.
  • Modular controls provide rapid and reliable plug-and-play installation and commissioning.
  • Modbus communications to sophisticated controls provide high level BMS integration, data logging and remote access.
  • Modulating evaporating temperatures optimise dehumidification.
  • Modulating airflow rate enhances energy efficiency.
  • Modulating airflow throw ensures uniform temperature distribution.
  • Modulating discharge direction optimises heating performance.

Specialising in comfort and controlled temperature environments such as big box retail, temperature controlled storage facilities, industrial applications, warehouses and more, FUSION MODULAIR® solutions serve more area with less equipment and use significantly less energy than even traditional “high efficiency” systems. What’s more, we do so with superior temperature distribution, draught-free air supply and unrivalled reliability.

Our approach is to always be free-thinking, unblinkered by industry norms, to build upon our own knowledge base, to lead the way with the employment of new technologies, and to continually challenge ourselves with the development of leading-edge design philosophies.

These core principles are the foundation stones of our creative and innovative solutions – the hallmarks of Fusion.

Both high induction mixed flow air distribution elements, such as round swirl and multi-nozzle linear diffusers, and low induction air outlets, such as displacement and plug-flow diffusers, are used in our designs to provide the most effective air distribution solutions. Depending on the comfort and indoor air quality targets to be achieved, diffusers may be motorised to vary the airflow rate and/or discharge direction. 

FUSION MODULAIR® systems utilise specialised Smartemp diffusers that, depending on the application, offer motorised constant throw variable air volume (VAV) and motorised adjustable discharge direction to maximise energy efficiency and enhance comfort. Many of these solutions are patented internationally.

Controls are designed and monitored in-house by Fusion’s own controls engineers. Controls logic includes optional smarts such as optimum starts, online and real-time system monitoring, system optimisation and automated fault detection and diagnostics. These features fine-tune system performance on an on-going basis, and minimise system downtime and maintenance costs.

Fusion’s maintenance technicians take charge of commissioning and service, and work closely with both Fusion’s design and controls engineers to ensure on-going optimum system performance.

We adopt a uniquely holistic approach. Our design solutions for customers are not limited to HVAC alone, but also look to optimise other crucial building elements, such as structural, electrical, lighting and architectural components. Specialist staff advise clients on HVAC design, and work collaboratively throughout the design and install process with all team members, such as architects, builders and developers, to produce cost effective and efficient HVAC solutions, on time and on budget.


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