Intellectural Property

Fusion HVAC is a leading provider of advanced air conditioning products for the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) industry. As an HVAC innovator internationally, Fusion HVAC has registered a portfolio of intellectual property (IP) world-wide:


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Notice to User: The lists of utility patents and design patents / registered designs associate products and applications, publications, and/or patents ("properties") and are posted on the Internet to provide notice to the public of the properties listed. There is no charge for accessing this publicly available information. To find properties on these lists, locate the model number on the corresponding product and search for it on the list. Some model numbers may not be associated with a corresponding property. The patent process is dynamic and the content of this list and association between products and properties may change due to events including, but not limited to: filing, publication, issuance, licensing, product changes, expiration, abandonment, and other circumstances. The content of these lists is updated from time to time but may not be up to date at the specific time you visit this link. Patent applications may be pending or published and patents may have issued, which are not identified on these lists. These lists may be unavailable from time to time without notice as part of maintenance or an unintended outage. Efforts will be made to maintain this link page active. These lists might not be all inclusive and other products not listed here may be associated with one or more properties. Absence of any property from these lists does not prevent enforcing any and all legal rights associated with the property.