Dan Murphy's Stores

Modulair + Retail


Following successful application of the semi-ducted FPA Modulair system at Dan Murphy's Brickworks, the client has moved to our fully modular Classic 960 system for this store - the first in this range.  The system includes VAV, Integrated BMS, CO2 demand control, economy cycle, interface to 3rd party BMS and all the usual Fusion features

System Features

  • Fusion Integrated Control System
  • True VAV Operation
  • Digital Scroll Compressors
  • Fusion Modulair Air Distribution Modules
  • Ducted High Induction Swirl Diffusers
  • Advanced True Enthalpy Based Economy Cycle
  • Variable Demand Ventilation With Carbon Dioxide Sensors
  • Fusion De-humidification Controls and Unit Variant
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