Fusion Hvac

FUSION Modulair®

Ultra high efficiency ductless air-conditioning.


FUSION MODULAIR® solutions – the perfect solution for large volume spaces, such as factories, warehouses, retail centers and supermarkets. With capacities from 20 kW to 200 kW and no high level duc…

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Retail and Bulky Goods

Modular and ducted alternative designs for retail centres and supermarkets.

Fusion can offer next generation in both modular and ducted alternative designs for retail centres and supermarkets. Capacities range from 20 kW to 200 kW. Modulating airflow enhances energy efficienc…

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Industrial Displacement

The perfect match between the Modulair system and our VAV advanced controls.

Traditionally displacement systems are thought to be the sole domain of chilled water systems – but Fusion Modulair® systems through their world leading VAV, Variable Refrigeration and advanced contro…

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The invisible and quiet one.

Auditoria can be the most demanding spaces for Air conditioning systems, with very high loads, large people loads, and requiring systems to be “invisible and quiet”. 

World first VAV Sidewall cassett…

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Specialist Solutions

The traditional duct system with a twist.

Fusion, additionally, specialises in the design and installation of ducted HVAC systems, both for mixed flow and displacement applications, in projects as diverse as shopping centres, cinemas, superma…

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Temperature Controlled Storage

A temperature you can rely on.

Clients who need temperature controlled storage often need to meet stringent internal and external controls. Absolute reliability is required, along with excellent temperature control, even distributi…

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